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Hello pilots!

My name is Patrick and I'm from Germany. I contacted David some month ago to ask, if we could get my instrument rating done in about 3 weeks. David's answer: "piece of cake"

He arranged for me to go fly every day with the very well experienced flight instructor Clark, who had been flying his whole live and counted over 23.000 hours in cockpits.

Exact 3 weeks later it was time for a check-ride with examiner Mark, who was very professional and absolutely fair. I passed the check and I'm thinking of coming back to Desert West Aviation for additional trainings/ratings.

Thank you again for the great service David and Clark. It was very good training... And very funny too!

All best, Patrick

I started taking flight lessons when I was 15 years old. Needless to say, becoming a pilot has been something I have always dreamed about doing. However, between school, money, and weather in Oregon, my flight training was consistently two steps forward and one step backwards. A few months ago, while traveling through South America, I decided the first thing I wanted to accomplish when I returned to the States was to receive a Private Pilot Certification. Weather in Oregon is poor for flying until May, so finishing in Oregon was out of the question. My Uncle, who has flown with Desert West before, encouraged me to finish my training at Desert West Aviation, with the tagline: they have 365 days a year of nice flying weather! I took his advice and got in touch with Doug B, head flight instructor at Desert West. Out of five instructors I have had over the years, Doug is the first one to "push me out of the nest" and help me receive my Private Pilot Certification. He has been a great instructor and helped me push my self-confidence in order to become a competent and safe pilot. It was not easy for me. There were times when I wanted to lash-out in frustration at Doug for forcing me to push my comfort level. However, his attitude, coupled with David's "don't do it unless it is fun" attitude, allowed me to gain the necessary confidence and enjoyment in order to successfully finish my flight training. I cannot count the amount of times I was hysterically laughing with Doug and David. The other instructors were also fun and encouraging to be around. Certainly, Desert West Aviation is the most enjoyable and productive flight school I have worked with. If it wasn't for Doug's unique teaching style I think I would still be working on flight training instead of proudly holding a Private Pilot Certification. Lastly, David's zany humor will keep me coming back to Desert West just for the stories and good times.

1st solo Erin May 10, 2012

1st solo James McCarthy April 25, 2012

Jeremy Spaansen Solo, March 14, 2012

Leonard & Parker- Getting ready for Spin Training/Basic Acrobatics Demo Lesson 1/6/12

Deborah Myll aces her private pilot check ride, November 20, 2011

Congratulations Scott Wait passed his PPL checkride 9-3-2011

Leonard passes Check Ride 12/23/11

Merry Christmas to me!!! A pilot's License for Christmas, whoo hoo!!!.

Just what I always wanted!!!!!!!!

I started the year "Thinking" about taking flying lessons to accomplish my "lifetime dream".

I ended the year actually flying and earning my Private Pilot's License!!

I started my lessons in July and I got my license just in time for Christmas. It was a lifetime gift to my myself.

I celebrated the last day of 2011 by flying solo for the first time as an official "Private Pilot".

On New Years day, I took my wife up for our first "Official Flying Experience" together.

On the 2nd day of the year, I took my Mom up for a flight. She enjoyed it very much. She is so proud of my accomplishment.

I was even prouder to be able to share the experience and beauty of flying with my family. I can't wait for the new experiences that flying will bring to my family and friends.

I also am looking forward to my future lessons and experiences at Desert West Aviation. They have other advanced training and lessons available. Their staff is professional and courteous. They treat you like family and have made my learning experience very enjoyable.

Thank you for everything Desert West Aviation!!!

(and as always)- "Desert West Aviation Rocks!!!" - Leonard R. St. Sauver -

I wanted to take two weeks off of work to get my private pilot's license, and several schools I talked to were skeptical of the timeframe. However, Desert West told me they could get it done, and they didn't let me down. I solo'd after 8.3 hours, and passed my checkride after 13 days, 40.8 hours. They have a great selection of aircraft, expert instructors and competitive pricing. Training in Palm Springs also provides flexible airspace and great flying weather. Most of all you can expect a safe, enjoyable atmosphere with the Desert West staff who all want to help you be the best you can be.

Thanks Desert West! - Chris Petree

1st Solo 12/24/2010
- Susan Besheer

New Private Pilot passed check ride 11/9/2010
- Heath Cohen

Passed check ride 9/28/2010
- Don Fullilove

Soloed on his 16 birthday, 7/20/2010
- Austin Matranga

1st Solo 7/4/2010
- Burdick

1st solo 7/2/2010
- Neal Collins

1st Solo 11/21/2009
- Sergio Gomez

1st Solo 10/23/2009
- Steve Schullo

1st Solo 8/23/2009
Casey Mills passed his checkride 11-13-09 ... 42 hrs ... school record

To Desert West Aviation:

As a child, I frequently imagined myself in the cockpit of my own plane – high in the sky and free as a bird. But, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the process of becoming a pilot could be so enjoyable and fulfilling. My experience with Desert West Aviation was extraordinary. There expert guidance and instruction prepared me to confidently attain my private pilot license in only 42 hours. The flexibility of the Desert West team allowed me to self schedule my flight instruction over four months while maintaining a full time job. I will never forget the relationships I built here or the gift of flight Desert West Aviation has provided me. What a dream come true!
- Casey Mills
Private Pilot

Trained for Instrument Rating with Doug Bertheola 3/2009
- Mike Sullivan

1st Solo 9/1/2009
- Kurt Jaeger

Knowing that I really wanted to learn to fly and that I knew nothing about flight schools or CFIs or FAA or anything else, I happened on Desert West Aviation. Just a few days after they opened for business. We talked about the training process and the cost. David (owner) and Paul (CFI) appeared competent and honest. Competency and honesty best describe their actions over the next few months as I completed training and was certified a private pilot in less then 60 hours of flight time. Throughout the process, David proved to always have the student's best interest at heart; he was honest and enjoyed listening as students share yet another story about what lesson s/he had learned that day. Paul was always on time and taught me everything one needs to know to be a safe and competent pilot. You cannot go wrong with Desert West, I give them my absolute highest recommendation. These days I fly twice a month with the confidence of being very well trained.
- Jerry Turner

With over 40,000 miles under my belt on a harley, I was looking for the next great challenge. I have always wanted to learn to fly but was always too afraid. A good friend of mine introduced me to David Shapiro and Desert West Aviation. In January of 2008, I began my training under the guidance of CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) Paul Fulghum. The first lesson he had me flying high above the Coachella Valley and hooked on becoming a private pilot. Paul's instruction was very detailed and thorough while always making me feel safe and secure. Desert West Aviation's commitment to their students is priority one and with their support, I was able to fly solo in about 20 hours and pass my check ride right in line with the national average. The examiners always say that receiving your private pilot certificate is a ticket to learn and keep learning thus my relationship with the DWA team continues to grow well beyond my initial training. I am proud to have been taught by one of the industry's best and can now call David and Paul good friends. The time i spend in the airplane is quite rewarding and the sense of freedom is unmatched. Thank you Desert West Aviation!
- Ethan Kaminsky, Private Pilot, Rancho Mirage, CA

My girlfriend and I talked at length about my desire to earn my pilot's license. This was a dream of mine since childhood. We looked at several flight schools in the area, compared costs, and analyzed the time I would need to commit to reach this goal. Desert West Aviation was at the top of my list after all was considered. I went back and signed up for lessons on 9 May 2009. They placed me with a very professional and competent instructor, and in almost no time I was flying solo, much to my surprise on the day it happened. Their quality instruction and solid preparation had me well ready to pass my check ride flight, which I accomplished on July 27th 2009. Today I have a pilot license, and I just can't really express how that makes me feel, it's like riding a motorcycle in the third dimension… its freedom, and therapy all rolled into one grand experience. If you ever dreamed of becoming a pilot, you just can't go wrong with DWA, so stop in a look around.
- Mr Cortland Carrington, Rancho Mirage, CA, Sport Pilot #34279296